The moments in between

A day in the life of me.  I want to remember the moments in between.  The snuggles in bed with Sadie, reading before Arthur wakes.  The sleepy smily of my darling Arthur when we do into him.  Second breakfasts of dried cherios , shoes and Arthur trying to figure out how to put them on. Grazed knees. My bundles joining me for my shower #notamomenttomyself. Bed jumping. Sadie the quirks of washing her mouth out with water from a mega block. Bedtime stories. Sadie and her favourite dolls tink and Lola, night night!  These are the moments I will forget and these are the moments that are so lovely.

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  • October 21, 2013 - 7:41 am

    Welcome Home | Photos by Jessica | Jessica Roberts UK + Destination wedding photographer based in Suffolk - […] I spent last week.  in the company of some amazing photographers, I was welcomed home.  I attended Emma and Pete’s Welcome home workshop was lots of things, emotional, open and honest and was an inspiring talk about their journey.  Emma Case is one of the most honest and open people I have met.  I love that she and Pete wear their hearts on their sleeves.  I have followed her journey since I began mine as a photographer 3 years ago.  I remember clearly when I started following Emma’s work a little more closely, it was around a year ago when I saw this photo.  I got it and it touched me deeply.  t turns out this is her ‘why’.  Their work inspires me.  My why is also about story telling, about recording the in betweens for my family, my families and couples..  One day I will be able to sum up my why in one photo but for now this little series of photos is my WHY. […]ReplyCancel

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