The Blogcademy – what I learnt!

The week before last I attended the Blogcademy in Shordich.  This amazingly inspirational course is touring the world and is facilitated by three hugely successful bloggers and more importantly business women, Kat Williams of Rock & Roll Bride, Shauna Haider of Nubby Twiglet and the superstar Gala Darling.  So many of you have asked me to report back and were interested to hear how the course was.  Here is what I learnt:

♥ How to make the most of your blog

♥How to increase visability and traffic

♥What terms like affliliate links and sposorship really means

♥I had my blog reviewed with constructive suggestions

♥I learnt how to build a blog from the ground up including top tips on branding

♥I met some amazing people who I now chat to weekly in a secret group


And most of all I have big ideas for this blog and for at least two other in the future!!!  Of course I took some photos… enjoy!

There is a growing number of lifestyle blogs and business’s using blogs in Suffolk.  There may also be the possibility of me holding a class on photography for business and blogs as well as some basics on blogging.  I am in talks with a well known place at the moment.  Please leave me a comment if you may be interested in this!

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